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In Reach Details


In addition to museum tours, WMMI offers a variety of educational In-Reach programs designed to enhance your experience. Our In-Reach programs are highly popular among teachers and educators that plan their trips with us each year, as the programs are designed to support classroom education and curriculum. The following educational In-Reach opportunities are currently available. Please remember to ask how you can incorporate one of these amazing sessions into your visit!

Birdseed Mining

In small mining teams, prospectors use “mining cash” to purchase a claim and collaboratively decide on the best mining tool (s) to equip their team. With the goal of striking it rich, teams will work to mine goal, silver, copper and iron. Caution! The landowner is a real stickler for reclamation! Will there be a profit or a fine? Teams will have to dig deep in thinking on this one! 

Pikes Peak Regional History

Students will enter as prospector’s preparing for a week in the mountains of Colorado. The last stop before the mountains is the General Store. With “mining cash” in hand, students will work to equip themselves for the journey. Just when they think they have it together, life will throw a curve and students will experience an “instant challenge” that must be overcome to complete their mission. Critical and creative thinking come into play with this learning experience.

Simple Machines

This hands-on engagement explores the six different simple machines. Through active experiences, students will manipulate machines to understand how work is distributed.  There are no worksheets needed as students will be too busy learning through doing!

Mineral Identification

In this engagement, students will explore minerals and their properties while learning and applying various tests to determine the identity. The scientific method and inquiry is definite in this stimulating experience.