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School Trips

Field Trips & School Tours

If you’re looking to schedule a visit for a large party, field trip, special group, etc., (generally 15+ persons) please contact the museum and we’ll be delighted to work with you based on your needs.

WMMI offers students of all ages an educational and entertaining experience through guided-tours or a self-directed experience. A trip to the museum not only introduces students to a lifelong learning resource in their community but also reinforces curriculum presented in the classroom in an informal and engaging setting. The museum tour, which meets Colorado Model Content Standards, can be customized to your students' educational needs and flexible to adjust, based on your specific time commitments and scheduling.

Our standard field trip tour consists of three components:

  1. View exhibits and displays that educate students about mining techniques including: gold panning, the process of hard rock mining and the history of mining across the western United States.
  2. History and education on the Industrial Revolution where interpreters discuss the history / impact of the First and Second Industrial Revolution as well as steam engines and their uses. During this portion of the tour, students will have the opportunity to see a fully operational, 35-ton Corliss Steam Engine in action!
  3. Conclusion with a short educational movie about western and mining history and the impact of mining on our daily lives.

For School Groups

Call Lauren at 719-488-0880