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What's Mined is Yours: Mining is Absolutely Essential

Mined items: jewelry, lipstick, porcelain sink, bricks and nails

What's Mined is Yours!  We have heard conversations wondering how necessary is mining? It's absolutely essential, if we can't grow it or birth it, we have to mine for it.


Bricks, sand, stone, cement...all begin with quarrying and mining.  Look around, every house, school, building, roadway, bridge:  all brought to you by products that were mined. Every builder's job, plumber's job, tiler, glazer--the list goes on--they all depend directly or indirectly on mining.

How about the equipment?  Nails, screws, bolts--and nearly every tool in the toolbox are made from the steel, which comes from the iron ore from a mine.  How often do we absent mindedly reach for items that originated from mining?  Look around you right now, you most certainly are within reach of items that have materials from mining (hint..the computer/phone on which you read this!)

Minerals in your bathroom--and we're not talking just porcelain, plastic and copper...we're talking lipstick, face powders, deodorants and perfumes too!  By the time you leave your house in the morning, you have touched HUNDREDS of items that have been mined.

And of course, we all love those beautiful, shiny, "show your love" stones and gems. If Diamonds are a girl's best friend, so are the minerals they are mostly mounted in--gold, silver, platinum. 

Mining is not just something from the history books, it's essential to our lives EVERY DAY.  Thank you miners--along side the diamonds, maybe you're our best friend!